| December 14, 2021

Nunny and Fitz pictured.

Nunny, a one-year old mama cat, and her three four-week old kittens, Fitz, Comet, and Hope, were surrendered to Toronto Humane Society from a hoarding situation.

Nunny and her kittens seemed to be doing fine during their initial examination although the kittens were experiencing diarrhea and Nunny, while bright and nursing her kittens well, was uninterested in food. When Nunny begun vomiting and running a fever, tests were done which confirmed feline panleukopenia also known as parvovirus or feline distemper. Since a vaccine has been developed for feline panleukopenia it is less frequently seen than in the past.

As feline panleukopenia can be contagious for up to six weeks after infection, it was important that Nunny and her kittens be isolated from other cats in shelter. Nunny was started on medication and within a few days she seemed to be feeling better. While her kittens continued to experience diarrhea and lost a little weight, they were stable and recovered well.

Nunny and her kittens will remain in our care until they have been medically cleared and made ready for adoption.

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