Oso - Humane Champion


| February 2, 2022

When Oso, an 8-month-old shepherd, was surrendered to Toronto Humane Society, he was still recovering from injuries sustained after being hit by a car a few months earlier. 

Oso couldn’t use his right front limb at all, and body imaging showed that his right hip had hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is when a hip hasn’t developed properly, and it is at risk for dislocating. When our staff observed Oso walking, it was no surprise that there was muscle atrophy on the right side. Oso also had a fractured tooth, perhaps caused from the earlier injury, that would need dental care. 

Oso was put on pain meds and given rehabilitation care to see if he was able to strengthen the atrophied muscles. Oso, still being a puppy, was a very active boy, but the limb was completely paralyzed. The decision was made to amputate in order to give him the best quality of life. 

Oso recovered very well from his surgery. He is currently waiting for a foster home where he can continue his rehabilitation before being made available for adoption.  

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