| April 24, 2021

When Pichu came to Toronto Humane Society as a stray she weighed just one pound. 

She was constipated and had an eye infection, so she was prescribed antibiotics and given medication to help with the constipation.  

Shortly after she arrived, our team noticed she was limping on her right front side. X-rays didn’t reveal any concerns, so it was decided to treat conservatively with medication and rest.  

When Pichu didn’t improve and swelling around her right elbow was noted, Pichu was sedated and an intensive examination was performed to determine the cause of her lameness. Pichu had fluid in the joint and our medical team made the determination that treating for septic arthritis would be in Pichu’s best interest. 

Once this treatment began, Pichu very quickly got better. She began using her paw in play and putting more weight on her foot while walking. 

When Pichu was old enough, she had her spay surgery and was adopted shortly afterwards. 

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