A successful story from our Humane Champion program


| November 22, 2023

Rosay and her siblings Gilbert, JS, Chevy, and Rolo were surrendered as an unwanted litter. While it’s hard to imagine Rosay as ‘unwanted,’ with the rising veterinary costs, pet owners are having an increasingly hard time affording even the most standard and preventative procedures like a spay/neuter.

With the support of our foster and shelter volunteers, Rosay and her siblings were properly weened and socialized while they grew strong and old enough for their spay or neuter surgeries. They have all been medically cleared and adopted.

Your monthly gift not only makes it possible to care for Rosay and her siblings but is also helping to expand our affordable Public Veterinary Services – meaning that more animals are kept safe and healthy at home.  

Be a Humane Champion monthly donor and change lives. Together we can continue to nurture the human-animal bond by directly supporting shelter care, training, education, and vet services. Your generosity means animals will live the life they were meant to live.