Harrold and Maude

How Do You Know Spring Has Officially Arrived?

| April 16, 2022

In Bloom Spring Market

Send gifts of hope to animals who need it 

To lift the spirits of animals in our care and help them get adopted into loving homes, we are launching the In Bloom Spring Market! 

Here, you’ll find a number of gifts to send to an animal in our care. From floral bouquets, catnip arrangements, and treat assortments, these locally-made gifts will lift the spirits and warm the hearts of animals in our care. 

Animals like Maude and Harrold

Maude and Harrold were our first feeder kittens of “kitten season” – a period between early spring and late fall, where thousands of stray kittens arrive at the doors of animal welfare organizations. At just 3-days-old, Maude and Harrold were so tiny you could hold them both in one hand.

The two kittens needed round-the-clock care, including syringe feeding every 2 hours and regular weight tracking to make sure they were growing healthy and strong. They needed a special kind of care.

Thanks to Toronto Humane Society’s expert medical staff and a dedicated foster family, Maude and Harrold got everything they needed. Now, healthy and strong at 6-weeks-old, the two kittens are ready to take on the world with their new adopters.

Their spring is just getting started.

For the hundreds of other animals still waiting for their moment, help us remind them that their fresh start is just around the corner. Help us continue to care for animals in need by visiting our In Bloom Spring Market.