introducing dogs

Introducing Two Dogs

| April 16, 2021

You’ve seen your pooch playing with their Kong toy, rolling around in the grass in the backyard. You’ve seen their tail wagging furiously at the sight of other dogs at the park. They love you and love playing with you. But you know, deep down, they wish they had a playmate!

Bringing home a second dog is exciting. But before your new addition to the family is brought home, it is important to prepare for an introduction between the two dogs. They need to be introduced to each other slowly and properly.

Keep initial interactions brief, on leash, and in a neutral, calm environment without any distractions or obvious stressors. After about 3 to 5 seconds, separate them with a positive interruption (think soft, happy voices), and involve them in separate activities.

After a minute or two, allow them to have a second short meeting, keeping introductions fragmented with lots of treats, rewards and breaks in-between. This will allow the dogs to progress at a pace they are comfortable with, and help to increase the likelihood of success for their meeting.

Always observe the body language of dogs as you are introducing them. Ensure they are displaying happy and comfortable body language. Defensive or guarded body language may mean you’ve moved too quickly and your dogs need more time to get used to each other.  For more help on this transition, book a Dog Problem Solving and Behaviour Modification Private Training class and get help from a trainer, virtually.