Inviting the OSPCA to an Expert Training Class on Kitten Bottle Feeding

| September 23, 2022

One of the most challenging residences for many animal welfare organizations are neonatal kittens – especially ones without their mothers. Bottle feeding these precious little lives takes a whole lot more than warming up kitten formula in a bottle. They require around-the-clock care with a stringent schedule, proper nutrition, the right tools, and plenty of patience.  

The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Humane Society (OSPCA) expressed a need for support with kitten training. Fortunately, with our team of experts and many years of experience, Toronto Humane Society has a successful approach that helps nurture healthy neonatal kittens. 

Our wonderful ongoing relationship involves support through sharing resources and because kitten bottle feeding is so complex, an in-person training session led by our experts would be the most beneficial.  

On September 22nd, 2022, we welcomed one OSCPA staff member from each of their locations to Toronto Humane Society for a training session. Each representative would take the knowledge that they learned and implement it at their facilities.  

The training was led by Toronto Humane Society experts Dr. Linda Jacobson, Senior Manager of Shelter Medicine Advancement, Rachel Fortin, Registered Veterinary Technician, and Larisa Nagelberg, Division Manager of Community Sheltering & Animal Transport.  

They shared valuable information on medical basics, necessary supplies, and kitten feeding tips and tricks with stuffed toy kittens. The session also covered information on capacity for care and key communication points to share with foster parents who care for neonatal kittens.  

As a thank you for sharing our knowledge, the OSPCA treated our team to a tasty pita lunch.

We’re thankful to have great relationships with other animal welfare organizations, like the OSPCA, that allow us to share knowledge from the experts we have on our team. This is just one example of how our many partnerships help us bring forth our mission to Improve the Lives of animals beyond our doors.