Be A Lifeline for Animals Like Mila

| February 23, 2024

In the bustling city of Toronto, Margaret and her husband stand as pillars of their community, proud parents of three children and seven grandchildren, with two more on the way. Amidst the laughter and joy that fills their home, a 2.5-year-old Maltese mix named Mila has woven herself into the fabric of their family. With her adorable habit of greeting people on her hind legs and an undeniable affection for her favourite person, her dad, Mila is more than just a pet – she’s a cherished member of the family. 

However, their world was shaken when Mila began experiencing severe health issues, marked by the alarming sight of blood in her urine. Concerned, Margaret rushed Mila to the vet, where a devastating diagnosis was revealed – nine large bladder stones. The recommended treatment came with a hefty price tag of $3000, putting Margaret’s family in a difficult financial position. 

Margaret and her family found themselves facing a heartbreaking dilemma. The high cost of living coupled with a fixed income left them teetering on the edge, unable to afford the care Mila desperately needed. In those agonizing moments, the fear and uncertainty felt by Mila were palpable, unable to comprehend the challenges that lay ahead. 

In their darkest hour, Toronto Humane Society’s Public Veterinary Services emerged as a lifeline – a lifeline made possible by the unwavering support of compassionate individuals like you. Imagine the anguish of losing a four-legged family member; to Margaret and her family, Mila is not just a pet but everything – another child, a constant source of happiness, and an integral part of their family fabric. 

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, Mila’s story took a turn for the better. Today, she is thriving, healed, and healthy, a testament to the profound impact of your support. Our Public Veterinary Services not only treated Mila for her bladder stones but went above and beyond by spaying her during the process.  

Be A Lifeline for Animals Like Mila

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