Lover of Swimming, Sunbathing, and Snuggles – Goldie is Looking for Her Forever Home

| May 26, 2023

Goldie had a great 2022. She made a ton of friends in her foster home, went swimming as often as she could, and freely played fetch in her backyard. She did everything she wanted on her bucket list except for one thing: find her person. 

As a part-time couch potato, Goldie has learned a lot of phrases from TV shows and movies. She’s become a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy and truly believes in the concept of finding “her person”. And once she finds her person, she is as loyal as they come.  

The thing about “your person” is that they like ALL of you – the good and the bad. So, to help Goldie find her person, here’s all you need to know about this sunbathing snuggle bug. 

What’s the average day for Goldie? 

She loves the outdoors – especially when the weather is hot. She likes to spend her time swimming, playing fetch with her favourite ball, and sunbathing. Winter is a little tougher on Goldie. She’s a golden gal and the colder weather doesn’t mix well with her sun-kissed skin. The colder weather makes Goldie itchy, so she has to put cream on and protect her paws.  

When she’s not burning off her energy, she’s cuddled up on the couch. In her current foster home, she likes to stick by her foster mom’s side and will lay near her under her desk while she’s working or in the bedroom and she’s getting ready for the day. 

What’s something special about Goldie? 

Aside from the fact that she’s like a little fish when she’s in a body of water, she’s extremely smart, a very fast learner, and she has a wonderful personality and attitude. She also has three favourite toys, including Mr. Moose. Her foster parents bought her Mr. Moose as a bed buddy. She keeps him near her bed and will rest on him at night. 

What is Goldie like with strangers? 

She was a little hesitant when she first moved into her foster home. But after a few months, her foster parents gained her trust. Likewise, she was a little hesitant with visitors at the beginning, but now she trusts anyone who enters the house – in fact, she loves having visitors over and will bring them her ball so that they can play fetch together. It is one of her favourite things to do! 

What is something that Goldie is working on? 

She is working on how to greet other dogs. During her walks, she gets nervous when she sees other dogs but if she is re-directed, she will leave them alone and focus on something else. Her leash reactivity can be managed by giving her the space she needs to feel comfortable and continuing her training to conquer her fear. 

What would be Goldie’s ideal home? 

Goldie has great house manners. She listens to cues and will let you know when she needs to go out. She likes to be where everyone else is – so if you’re watching TV, she’s on the couch next to you, if you’re cooking dinner, she’s lying on the floor in the kitchen, if you’re using the bathroom, she’s standing guard outside of your door. She doesn’t like to be left alone, or in a closed room, when you are home. 

If you’re not home, she’s happy to do her own thing and keep herself occupied until you come back. 

Because she loves the outdoors, Goldie would love a home with a fenced in backyard that’ll allow her to get her zoomies out and chase her ball around without having to worry about seeing other dogs or strangers.  

She would benefit from being with someone who has experience with dogs in need of additional training or is willing to spend time helping Goldie to translate her great manners from inside to outside the home.   

Did you fall in love yet? If Goldie sounds like she could be “your person”, and you’re ready to bring home your new outdoor adventure partner and receive endless snuggles, please visit us at 11 River Street to begin the adoption process.