Maddie was Hit by a Car and Needed Surgery    

| February 3, 2023

Maddie was only 8 months old when she arrived at a Tennessee shelter with a severe injury to her back leg. She was likely hit by a car.
The Tennessee shelter’s veterinarians provided her with immediate care, including pain relief. But further assessments of her injury showed a need for significant preventative surgery. Without it, Maddie would likely live a life of chronic pain and mobility issues. 

However, Maddie was quickly claimed by her owner and the shelter was unable to perform the surgery. While the injury healed on its own in the following months, arthritis was already developing in her hip, and Maddie was surrendered back to the shelter. 

Thanks to supporters like you, a life of chronic pain was prevented after Maddie was brought from the Tennessee shelter to Toronto Humane Society where our veterinarians successfully performed the surgery and provided her with the rehabilitative treatment she needed.

Maddie's hip joint showed a previous fracture and evidence of early arthritis.

As you can imagine, the resources that brought Maddie to Toronto, and subsequently provided the care she needed upon her arrival, are significant. For example, the surgical procedure alone costs between $4,000 to $5,000. 

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