Making Charity Intelligence’s Top 100 Rated Charities List

| January 6, 2023

“Where can my donations make the most impact?” is a common question many ask before they choose where to donate. 

According to CanadaHelps, more than 968,000 Canadians gave over $465 million to 31,700 charities in 2021. How can someone know if their donation is truly making an impact?   

Charity Intelligence released their Top 100 Charities list to help donors do their homework before they give. We’re thrilled to share that Toronto Humane Society made the top 100 list and received a top-rated 5-star rating 

How Charity Intelligence Rates Charities

Charity Intelligence’s rigorous analysis measures the impact charities actually make to see how each dollar donated can create the most positive change. They have analyzed and vetted over 800 Canadian charities, across multiple sectors such as education, environment, and health, by looking at their results, costs, and impact. 

Charity Intelligence highlights our financial transparency, gave us as “A” in reporting the results of our programs, and outlined our need for funding. They also report that 80% of every dollar donated to Toronto Humane Society went towards our cause.  

“We work hard to make sure the funds entrusted to us by our donors are used wisely,” says Jacques Messier, CEO of Toronto Humane Society. “Being recognized among Canada’s Top 100 Charities, as one of only three animal welfare organizations, is a great source of pride as we continue to Improve the Lives of Animals.” 

Your 2022 Donation Improved the Lives of Thousands of Animals

With the ever-increasing value of the dollar, what we can afford to donate matters more than ever. Educated and informed donors are changing their giving to donate to charities that truly make a difference. 

We hope that our donors take comfort in knowing that their dollar truly makes a difference in the lives of the animals in our care, and their families. Without our donors, we wouldn’t have been able find homes for over 1,900 animals, transfer over 900 animals into our care, and help over 7,000 animals with our public veterinary clinic – all of this in 2022 alone.  

Our donors are behind our accomplishments and impact. Thank you for your continued support!