| June 24, 2021

Mama and her seven newborn kittens were transferred to Toronto Humane Society through our Animal Transport Program.  

Mama was found to be healthy although slightly underweight and very hungry. She was sent into foster with her seven kittens and an orphaned 4-day old kitten named Anita. 

At first, Mama and the kittens did well, with all the kittens gaining a good weight each day but two weeks into the foster, Mama wanted nothing more to do with the kittens. She wouldn’t let them nurse and she would growl at them. Mama was brought in for an emergency re-check and was found to have a fever and a mammary gland infection. 

Mama was given IV fluids, antibiotics, and medication that would encourage her to eat as she had also stopped eating. To address the mammary infection, Mama was sedated and the mammary gland was flushed and stitched. 

Mama remained under medical care for three weeks while her kittens were cared for by their foster parents. Mama has been since been adopted. 

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