Michael G. Creber Memorial Fund

Introducing the Michael G. Creber Memorial Fund

| April 4, 2022

It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of the Michael G. Creber Memorial Fund. This restricted fund will provide security and support to the Sheltering Programs at Toronto Humane Society. A member of the Creber family has made a substantial inaugural donation to the Fund, which will ensure the Fund is able to provide dedicated support to homeless animals for many years to come.  

The Michael G. Creber Memorial Fund will make specific contributions toward things like medical care, husbandry, food, enrichment, and training of animals who are waiting to find their forever homes. We are honoured to be able to celebrate the late Michael G. Creber’s love of animals in this way and are grateful to the Creber family for their generous support of Toronto Humane Society.   

Due to fund administration, the minimum donation amount for the Michael G. Creber Memorial Fund is $1,000. We understand this level of donation may not be possible for many people. If you would still like to contribute to the work Toronto Humane Society does, please visit our main donation page for alternative options.