Empathy in Action – Celebrating National Volunteer Week 

| April 29, 2022

The compassion that our volunteers show to animals and the animal loving community is an inspiration for us all.  Even though 2021 had its challenges, our volunteers pushed through to help us with yet another incredible year of saving lives.  

Throughout the year, many of our programs were able to reopen. With those changes came an outpouring of support from our amazing volunteers, who were with us every step of the way. 

We’d like to take National Volunteer Week (April 24th – April 30th) to celebrate every single volunteer who has worked with us. This year’s theme is about how volunteering is an act of empathy – and we couldn’t agree more. It takes tremendous empathy, kindness, and consideration to willingly give your time to help animals in need. This is what our volunteers do every day.  

They give their time and expertise without asking for anything in return. They offer their homes to foster animals. They choose to support animals in need and give them their all.  

To all our volunteers, we recognize you. We appreciate you. We sincerely thank you.  

Whether it is through socializing a rabbit, walking a dog, brushing a cat, speaking with an adopter, or answering telephones, every effort gets us one step closer to our goal. Toronto Humane Society simply could not exist without our volunteers, and this fact rings true more than ever during these challenging times.  

Thank you, Toronto Humane Society Volunteers, for your service. We are incredibly thankful and grateful for your heroism, your selflessness, and the time you choose to give towards Improving the Lives of Animals.