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Introducing Our New Mission Statement and 7 New Board Members

| September 17, 2021


As you may have heard Toronto Humane Society held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) earlier this week on Tuesday, September 14th. I would like to thank everyone who attended. While I wish I could have seen all of you in person, it was lovely to connect virtually with both new and familiar faces. 

This is always an exciting time of year for Toronto Humane Society. The AGM not only sets the stage for what lies ahead, it also reminds us of who we are as an organization, what we have achieved and what we aim to accomplish. Over the course of our history, we have seen many different projects, programs, facilities and initiatives, but one thing has remained the same – the desire and drive of our Board of Directors to help animals.  

Our Board is our compass, our guide. With a focus on policy and governance, setting goals and strategies, our board determines Toronto Humane Society’s vision and the best measures to implement it.  

They also guide us in determining our mission going forward. I am so proud to share our new mission statement with you. Toronto Humane Society’s mission is to Improve the Lives of Animals. This new mission reflects our shift to a more open, inclusive, and encompassing goal; one that connects and aligns us with all animal advocates, and pulls us together around our collective purpose.   

Apart from introducing this exciting new chapter in our history, this year’s AGM also saw the election of 7 members to the 15 seat Board of Directors. 

I am proud to introduce to you our new and returning Board members: 

3-year Terms:

  1. Krista Bulmer
  2. Peter Newell
  3. Malcolm Bernstein
  4. Bronwen Morgan
  5. Damian Kreber

2-year Terms: 

  1. Nicholas Kanhai

1-year Term:

  1. Nabila Tisha

These 7 outstanding individuals will provide valuable insight based on their professional qualifications, expertise and experience. I ask that you join me in welcoming them to our organization. I also invite you to learn more about each new Board Member here 

This democratic succession of shared values and passions has, in our long history, given rise to exciting developments and positive change in our community. I cannot wait to join these new members in realizing their vision, and our mission to Improve the Lives of Animals. 

Thank you,


Jacques Messier, DVM, MBA
Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Humane Society