Corbin and Potato from The Dodo

Orphaned Kitten gets Adopted by a Great Dane

| April 1, 2022

Karen has been a Toronto Humane Society foster parent since 2016. She was accustomed to the bittersweet goodbyes that came when a pregnant cat and her kittens found their perfect forever home. 

But Potato was different. 

Potato came to Toronto Humane Society as a stray. He was shy, unsure of human touch, but loved to play.  

Kittens should stay with their mother’s until at least 10 weeks old to help with socialization, but Potato was an orphan. He needed someone to show him that humans are good. He needed someone to help him grow strong and confident. He needed a parent. That is when Corbin, a 150-pound Great Dane stepped in to help. 

Watch the unique and special bond between Corbin and Potato illustrated in this video shared by The Dodo.   

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