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Koopa is a delightful turtle with a reserved personality. Shy and preferring the comfort of their floating rafts, Koopa may take some time to warm up to new surroundings and people. During initial attempts to interact, Koopa chose to stay in the water under their floating rafts. Shy but curious, they peeked out to observe an apple slice. Offering a carrot didn't bring them out of hiding, but it's clear Koopa is taking their time to acclimate to new surroundings. Koopa would thrive in a tranquil environment where they can feel secure and have the freedom to retreat to their favorite spots. A patient adopter who understands the needs of a shy turtle and provides a calm and stable habitat will be ideal.

Any new guardian, should know a few key things about providing the best environment for Koopa:

Aquatic Habitat: Koopa is a water-loving turtle, so a spacious and secure aquatic habitat of at least 100 gallons is a must. Ensure that she has a basking area where he can soak up some sun and regulate his body temperature.

Proper Diet: Koopa needs a well-balanced diet for her health. A mix of commercial turtle pellets, fresh vegetables, and the occasional treat will keep her happy and thriving.

Veterinary Check-ups: Like any family member, Koopa would need check-ups with a reptile-savvy veterinarian to ensure he's in top-notch health.

Enrichment Activities: Keep Koopa engaged and entertained with suitable toys and activities. Turtles are curious creatures, and providing mental and physical stimulation is key to their well-being.

Respect for her Space: While Koopa is showing signs of gaining trust it's still a work in progress. Allow her to retreat to her underwater hideout when she needs some quiet time.

Koopa is not just a pet; she's a lifelong companion waiting to bring joy to a caring home. If you're ready to welcome a charming turtle into your life and can provide the love and attention Koopa deserves, come meet her and see if you're the perfect match for each other! Adopting Koopa means gaining a loyal friend for years to come. If you'd like to make Koopa your new forever friend, visit us at 11 River Street to start the adoption process.
Animal ID: 2000064420
Species: Reptile
Breed: Turtle,Other
Age: 4 Years 8 Months
Sex: Female
Size: S
Colour: Green /
Spayed/Neutered: No
Declawed: No
Site: Toronto Humane Society
Location: Room F
Intake Date: 24/11/2023
On Hold: No
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