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Goldie is an energizer bunny-dog with a pep in her step and a need for all things FUN! Running after a ball, walking in the woods, sniffing trails or gnawing on sticks, this shepherd mix thinks of herself as a serious athlete, no kidding. Her favourite sport? Swimming! Goldie just loves to swim, and she'll go all day long if you let her. She spends her days swimming and running, then playing ball, and then, if she could, she'd ask to get one last dip in before bed. Goldie is your ultimate fitness buddy!

This gal has endless curiosity and will entertain you endlessly. But don't get the idea that Goldie never winds down: she totally savours the more relaxed side of life: snoozing with her foster dad on the couch, stretched out on the floor with her head resting on her foster mom's foot, and soaking up all the sun (she loves to sun-soak!), love and affection she can get.

Goldie was unsure of strangers and other dogs when she came to her foster home, but she has made huge breakthroughs in learning to trust. Every new person who comes to the house is now a bestie and she's gotten friendly with folks she encounters on her walks. She used to holler at dogs non-stop, but this has changed too. She might bark a bit but will stop if asked and a lot of time she doesn't even react. Such a transformation and all because she was given time and opportunities to learn that there was another, happier way to be.

This trust and training will be an important support for Goldie as she transitions into her forever home. She'd be best in a family with adults and teens who love activity and adventure as much as she does. Busy neighbourhoods push her buttons so she's looking for a house with a large fenced yard in a suburb or beyond. Most of all, this wonderful dog wants to spend her days with people who understand where she's been and where she's going in her journey to becoming pure Goldie.

Animal ID: 45963317
Species: Dog
Breed: Shepherd,Mix
Age: 4 Years 8 Months
Sex: Female
Size: L
Colour: Tan /
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Declawed: No
Site: Toronto Humane Society
Location: Fosters
Intake Date: 15/11/2021
On Hold: No