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Eli Hops

Coal & Eli Hops are the most endearing pair of rabbits you'll meet. These bonded bunnies are inseparable and their love for each other is so heartwarming to watch. Even on the most stressful days coming home to find these two curled up together will just melt all your cares away.

Both rabbits are very clever and have such impressive memories. You can see this especially when it's treats time. Their foster parent always hum the same song when they serve them their treats, which they've memorized. Now whenever they hum that song they come running up to them from wherever they may have been hiding. Eli also knows where her foster parents keep their hay so at night whenever she would like a replacement of fresh hay she'll shake the portion of the pen that's nearest to the hay as a way to communicate what she wants. When she successfully communicates her feelings her reaction is so endearing. She hops and runs around shaking her head with excitement. Having these moments of communication is important to help build a bond of trust and affection.

Once a bond is formed, play time together is a fun and rewarding time for both bunnies and owners. Even though these two don't like to be held or overly pet, it doesn't mean they don't like spending time together with you. They often come running up to us to see what's up, and say hi with little bumps from their nose. They love to dig and burrow so having some sheets and tunnels they can play with placed around their play areas is a good idea. Coal especially likes to burrow, and one of his favorite activities is being covered lightly with a sheet which creates the sensation of burrowing as he searches for his way out. Eli will also mostly likely want to join the fun and you can enjoy some playtime together as you cover them again and again every time they successfully find their way out. During their free roam time their foster parent will occasionally find them trying to cover themselves with the sheets on their own!

Please note, most rabbits enjoy a free-roaming lifestyle in a bunny-proofed home. Talk to our adoption agents today on how to set you and your bun up for long-term success with litterbox training! Photos of enclosure are required to be provided before finalisation of adoption.

1. Enclosure size: 4'L x 4'W x 36"H per Rabbit(Adequate for Dwarf rabbit- the bigger the rabbit, the bigger the cage required.)
2. Average life-span: 8-10 years
3. Out-of-cage enrichment: Gradually increases from a couple hours a day to enjoying a completely free-roam lifestyle as your bunny becomes more settled

To adopt these adorable buns please visit us at 11 River Street!
Animal ID: 49286613
Species: Rabbit
Breed: American,American
Age: 2 Years 6 Months
Sex: Female
Size: S
Colour: Black / White
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Declawed: No
Site: Toronto Humane Society
Location: Fosters
Intake Date: 28/12/2021
On Hold: No
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