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Chrisie and Wiggles are a bonded pair of adorable bunnies that know exactly what they want! They are independent rabbits who love each other's company while going about their day.

Chrisie is a beautiful bunny with a soft and silky coat that radiates joy. She has a curious disposition and enjoys exploring her surroundings, always finding new things to play with and munch on. Chrisie's is an inspiring role model for Wiggles with her determination and independence.

Wiggles is a gorgeous bunny with an infectious energy that is impossible to resist. She has a mischievous streak that keeps things interesting. Though she can be a bit shy at first, Wiggles is a loyal companion who will continuously bring joy to your day.

Despite their independent nature, Chrisie and Wiggles make great companions to each other. They have a strong bond that is always heartwarming to see. They are always there for each other, supplying comfort and support when needed.

While they may not enjoy being picked up and handled, Chrisie and Wiggles are loving bunnies who enjoy spending time with their parents. They like to receive attention and pets and will reward you with their sweet and gentle personalities.

Rabbits require daily enrichment and free roam time outside their enclosure. The enclosure size should be a minimum of 4' x 4' and rabbits should have at least 30 minutes of out-of-cage time per day. Please speak to one of our adoption agents if you are interested in learning more about rabbit care requirements and the many benefits of bonding with a rabbit.

If you're interested in giving Wiggles and Chrisie a forever home, please come visit us and start the adoption process today!

Animal ID: 51705567
Species: Rabbit
Breed: American,
Age: 9 Months
Sex: Female
Size: S
Colour: Brown / Grey
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Declawed: No
Site: Toronto Humane Society
Location: Room G
Intake Date: 27/02/2023
On Hold: No