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Harecules will go the distance! This Greek Goddess wants you to know that she's a strong and independent queen and the sole ruler of her kingdom! Boasting a large personality with an even bigger ego, Harecules is the hero you've been searching for! Though she lacks size, she makes up for personality and humour as this lovely lady will have you reeling over with laughter.

If there's one thing Harcules loves, it's her food! The key to her heart is through treats - her favourites include bananas, spinach, and carrot tops. She will climb on staff members for treats!

Harecules enjoys a lot of free-roam time where she can stretch her legs. She likes to explore, sniff, and do binkies. Once she's done with her zoomies, she'll flop to the ground for a little rest and tons of pets.

Rabbits require daily enrichment and free roam time outside their enclosure. The enclosure size should be a minimum of 4' x 4' and rabbits should have at least 30 minutes of out-of-cage time per day. Please speak to one of our adoption agents if you are interested in learning more about rabbit care requirements and the many benefits of bonding with a rabbit.

If you are interested in adopting Harecules, please visit us at 11 River Street to start the adoption process!

Animal ID: 52291301
Species: Rabbit
Breed: American,American
Age: 2 Years 2 Months
Sex: Female
Size: M
Colour: Black /
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Declawed: No
Site: Toronto Humane Society
Location: Fosters
Intake Date: 22/03/2023
On Hold: No