Rousey and Her 6 Puppies are Looking for a Fresh Start

| April 27, 2021

Rousey has every reason to be taking it easy right now. Earlier this year, she moved from a small, remote community in Northern Ontario to the sprawling city of Toronto. Adjusting to city life is one thing. Adjusting to city life with puppies on the way? That’s another.

Rousey’s Foster Parents were there to help her settle in. Thanks to their loving care, and support from Toronto Humane Society staff, Rousey gave birth to 6 beautiful puppies – Moose, Chunky, Katya, Hera, Othello, and Lysander.

Rousey is understandably tired, but she is also ready for what’s next. She is ready for a new home, a new family, a new beginning. Her puppies, too, need regular care as they grow strong and healthy. Then they will be looking for homes and new beginnings of their own!

You can help Rousey (and other moms just like her) nurse her puppies and recuperate while she looks for a forever home. You can also help her 6 puppies with any support they will need until it is time for them to be welcomed into new families of their very own.

All you have to do is visit our page and purchase a Spring Starter Pack. These include everything the pets in our care need to get ready for their new Spring beginnings.