Share the Scare with Pets in Our Care 

| October 28, 2022

While other animals are dressed up and waiting in anticipation to welcome other little ghouls and witches to their front door, some pets that are stuck indoors waiting to find a family of their own.  

You can share the spirit of Halloween with the pets in our care by sending them treats, toys, or Halloween costumes by visiting our Share the Scare e-store. 

Each Purchase is Also a Donation

Aside from sharing the joy of Halloween with the dogs, cats, and small pets in our care, each purchase is also a donation that goes toward Improving the Lives of Animals – like 2-year-old Maltese, Exxie. 

The shelter Exxie previously stayed at was running out of space and she needed to find a home as soon as possible. So, we facilitated an animal transfer and brought Exxie here. When she arrived in our care, she received her spay surgery and a few days later she received a Halloween gift. 

She had so much fun exploring the dog park and showing off her scary bee costume. Two days later, this sweet little girl was adopted!  

See Our Little Monsters Enjoy Their Halloween Goodies

Once you select and send off your Halloween gift, you’ll get email updates from a ghoulish gang of delivery goblins over the coming weeks as they bring your treat to animals in need. You’ll want to stay tuned because the last email update will contain a video compilation of animals enjoying their Halloween goodies. It’ll be super cute – oh, wait – it’ll be super scary.  

Double the Halloween Fun!   

Ren’s Pets will match the first $2,000 raised, and Doggy Bathroom will match the next $2,500 raised. That means double the treats, toys, and Halloween fun for the pets in our care.