Tethering Dog Outside

5 Reasons You Should Never Leave Your Dog Tied Outside a Store – Even For a Moment!

| November 26, 2021

So what are some of the risks involved with leaving your dog tethered outside a store? 

#1. Your dog could be stolen 

As we know, with the most recent incident being a prime example, animals are at risk of being stolen when unsupervised in public places. In just a moment’s time, your beloved companion could be happily walking away with a total stranger, completely unaware of the dangers unfolding.   

#2. Your dog could injure themselves 

Whether it’s a chicken bone in the gutter, a littered chocolate wrapper or a shattered glass bottle, when unsupervised your animal is at risk of ingesting or possibly injuring themselves with the slew of unknown substances our Toronto streets have to offer. If your animal does ingest something harmful or possibly hurts themselves on an object, a visit to the vet is likely due and costs can add up quickly.  

#3. Your dog could slip their lead 

Even if you’ve got scout-level knot tying skills, your animal may still be at risk of slipping their lead or collar. The city streets are filled with unexpected sounds, sights and smells. Whether it’s a loud banging at a construction site or pigeons and squirrels meandering about, your animal will be exposed to a variety of sensory stimulation that could trigger a “flight response”.  

#4. Your dog may become anxious  

Because we cannot communicate to our furry companions in plain English, they are at risk of becoming anxious without the understanding of when you will be returning. Subtle signs that can be missed to indicate your dog may be experiencing anxiety include panting, pacing, hypervigilance and licking of the lips. 

#5. Your dogs at a disadvantage 

Whether they’re meeting other dogs, children, or people, uninvited passersby’s may interact with your animal without your supervision. When tethered, your dog does not have the ability to flee a situation they may be uncomfortable in and a “fight response” could be triggered. If your dog does have a bite incident, legal ramifications could result in addition to possible obligations the City may require of you, depending on the circumstance.  

All to say, it is never a good idea to leave your beloved companion unattended to, even if it is only for a moment!