Thank You, Steve-O, for Visiting Toronto Humane Society!

| September 16, 2022

The former “Jackass” star is not shy – especially when it comes to advocating for animals. Steve-O made headlines after he rescued a dog from the streets of Peru named Wendy, used his bare hands to detain wild Tortoise poachers, and shared his plans to start his own animal sanctuary 

Most recently, on September 9th, 2022, Steve-O made a stop at Toronto Humane Society while on his “Bucket List” tour to meet some fans and to share an important message that is close to his heart. “I want as many animals as possible to find their homes today,” Steve-O told the crowd waiting to meet him. “Adopt or foster if you can!” 

Steve-O took his time and met every single person at the meet and greet – taking selfies, signing t-shirts, and petting plenty of dogs.  

Also in attendance was Roo, Steve-O’s foster dog from Toronto Humane Society. Because of Steve-O’s large presence, Roo found his forever home in less than two days. They said their final goodbyes before Steve-O left the meet-and-greet to get ready for his show that evening.  

Steve-O paired his message to adopt by covering all adoption fees during his visit. Thanks to his support, 12 animals were adopted on September 9th , 11 animals were placed on hold for adoption, and over $1,500 was raised (and counting!)!  

Thank you, Steve-O, for supporting animal adoption, advocating for animals everywhere, and for taking the time to visit Toronto Humane Society.  

Click here to donate to Steve-O’s fundraising page.