Toronto Humane Society - Like No Other

Toronto Humane Society – Like No Other

| July 5, 2021

To our loving animal community, Thank you for your on-going dedication, support, and passion toward improving the lives of animals in our community. As a stakeholder and supporter of our organization, you are making a tremendous difference in the lives of many animals in-need. Like you, we have considered the future of animal health and welfare and the challenges we aim to overcome to achieve a more humane society for all.

To our loving animal community,

It is with great joy that we introduce to you the culmination of our recent strategic planning efforts, our research, and our program developments. Today, July 5th, we officially launch the new Toronto Humane Society. I invite you to join us on our journey, to add to our history, and to become a part of Animal Welfare History.

Together let us celebrate the Human-Animal Bond and Improve the Lives of Animals.

From our humble beginnings in 1887, Toronto Humane Society has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of animals. Over 130 years later, we remain a pillar in the animal welfare community, and are recognized for our industry leading expertise and knowledge. Along our journey, we asked ourselves a needed question, “How can we prevent animals from ending up in a shelter in the first place”? This sparked conversation amongst our leaders and inspired thoughtful research into addressing this critical challenge, one which many animal welfare organizations face within Canada, and globally.

We analyzed our data to determine the primary reasons animals are abandoned or surrendered, deliberated with experts to uncover innovative solutions, and have piloted the implementation of programs and services aimed at mitigating pet relinquishment; keeping pets with the people who love them.
So, what is it that we are fighting for, and against?

Access to care – Over the last decade, the cost of veterinary care in Canada has doubled. Combined with the impact of geographic location, and professional staffing shortages, almost half of the population lacks an on-going relationship with a veterinarian.

Animal Homelessness – In Ontario, every year more than 40,000 animals are entering animal shelter agencies relinquished by their owners or found as strays. Unethical puppy mills and breeding operations, municipal policies standing in the way of humane community cat management, and lack of permanent pet identification are all major contributors behind the prevalence of Animal Homelessness in Canada.

Boldly facing these challenges head-on, we operate as a robust service provider for the people and pets of our community. Our efforts made greater through outreach services and public support programs, all in an effort of keeping pets with the people who love them.

We exist to champion the human-animal bond and Improve the Lives of Animals

While we work through our shelter programs to uphold world-class standards of care & enrichment, provide high quality veterinary care, and give love and attention to every animal who enters our facility doors, there is still no place like home.

Our equally important work through our new programs, such as our Pet Parent Support Network, Public Veterinary Services, Public Training & Behaviour supports, and Urgent Care Fostering, provide essential supports to our community. Services and supports that provide pet parents with support, guidance, and resources to assist individuals who may be facing temporary hardships. Our suite of expanded community pet services contributes to the life saving & life improving work of Toronto Humane Society, all while keeping pets out of the shelter system. We know that the human-animal bond is an unparalleled love. It transcends socio-economic boundaries. It is the reason we get up in the morning, and for many, the reason we have resiliently persevered throughout the global pandemic. While we remain a safe haven for abandoned and homeless animals, our expertise, knowledge, and leadership has expanded over the years to address the root challenges facing the animal welfare industry. We will continue our journey to provide support not only to the pets in our community, but to their humans as well, ultimately, deepening the connection between people and pets.

This is what makes us, Toronto Humane Society, like no other.

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Jacques Messier, DVM, MBA
Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Humane Society