Toronto Humane Society Seeking Community’s Help After Robbery

| November 29, 2022

On the eve of Giving Tuesday, Toronto Humane Society’s rescue van was stolen.

November 29th, 2022 – Toronto – Today is Giving Tuesday. A day to reflect and give back after all the excitement of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Today, we should have woken up looking forward to what the day would bring. Instead, we woke up sad, confused, and above all – heartbroken. 

Last night, two individuals broke into our building and stole our rescue van and other valuable items essential to our life-saving capacity. Please be aware no staff or animals were harmed, and measures have been put in place to protect staff and animal safety for the immediate future. The Toronto Police were at the facility this morning and have opened an investigation as well. 

This van was more than just a van. It was a rescue tool, a mobile lifeline that has carried hundreds of animals to safety, to security, and to the start of something new. It was recently there at Toronto’s airport, waiting for a tiny puppy with a broken leg and a senior dog with medical complications.  

A loss this size for a charity which relies on people’s goodwill and generosity, is significant.  

Asking for your help now feels strange because of the intensity of emotions that arise when we think of this unfortunate event. But the need has never been more urgent. We must replace the van as soon as possible to address our immediate needs. To make a donation to this cause, please visit:  

Today, on Giving Tuesday, we normally come to you with stories of success and how your contributions make a difference. Unfortunately, this Giving Tuesday we come to you at a loss, sad and heartbroken. But we also come to you with no small amount of hope. You, our community, have stuck with us before. You have carried us through every challenge, every curveball. We hope to spread this message far and wide today so more animals can be rescued tomorrow.  

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Hannah Sotropa, Assistant Manager of Communications at