Toronto Pets are in Crisis

| October 6, 2023

Toronto is in crisis. Families are being torn apart, and beloved pets are losing their homes as the high cost of living and limited access to affordable pet care take a devastating toll. 

In these trying times, many community members are faced with the impossible choice of providing for themselves or their loyal companions. Witnessing the anguish of guardians forced to part with their cherished pets due to the unaffordable cost of care is heartbreaking, and that’s why we’re turning to compassionate individuals like you for help. 

Every day, Toronto Humane Society receives a growing number of requests for help from families just trying to keep up and do their best. We can’t do it without you. By making a donation today, you can be a lifeline for both pets and their families – like Jeanette and Rosie’s family. 

Fighting and Preventing Parvovirus – A Deadly Disease

Rosie is more than just a dog to Jeanette; she is her lifeline, her confidant, and her support system. When Rosie fell seriously ill with parvovirus, Jeanette couldn’t afford the extensive medical care she urgently needed. Thanks to the support from our donors, our medical team provided a cost-effective treatment plan, and Rosie began to recover. 

Today, Rosie is a happy, healthy dog, back where she belongs with Jeanette. She is one less animal surrendered to the shelter system, and it’s all thanks to our donor support in action.  

Rosie when she wasn't feeling well.
Rosie back at home, where she belongs.
“If it wasn’t for Toronto Humane Society, Rosie wouldn’t be here. Rosie brings so much happiness and love into my life. I couldn’t imagine her not being here with me.”

– Jeanette, Rosie’s Mom 

Creating a Lasting Impact

The story does not end at giving Rosie lifesaving treatment – we believe in creating a lasting impact.  

Our team shared Rosie’s diagnoses with Jeanette’s building. Several residents were informed about the parvovirus threat and the importance of the vaccine. Aa a result, numerous pet parents from the building came to our vet clinic to vaccinate their dogs. With this core vaccine, these dogs will never have to suffer from parvovirus.  

This is the power of donor support in action. It’s only because of people like you, we can continue to provide essential veterinary care, raise awareness, and save countless innocent lives like Rosie’s. 

Can we count on you to help stop needless animal suffering before it begins? Your support today can make all the difference for many more happy and bright tomorrows.