Nera and Pi - Public training success story

How Training Helped a Cat and Dog go from Foes to Friends

| March 9, 2022

Pi, a 5-year-old Siamese cat, has always been confident, but when Nera, an 8-year-old black Labrador Retriever, moved in he became fearful. Because Nera and Pi were not getting along, they needed to remain separate which meant splitting the time they got to spend with their pet parents. This negatively affected their bonding time and caused a lot of stress in the household. With an urgent need for help, they reached out to Toronto Humane Society’s public training team. 

A custom training plan was put into action

Our team of certified animal trainers developed a plan to help keep Nera and Pi’s family united.  

Nera was taught relaxation exercises to help her to be calm around her new cat friend, and Pi worked on clicker training to increase his confidence. They were introduced slowly through a baby gate, had vertical spaces installed for Pi, and with a bit of patience Nera and Pi started to spend more time together.   

“You would not believe how close Nera and Pi have become! They are both roaming freely without a problem!” said Nera and Pi’s parent. “They’ve become the cutest pair of pets ever! When we have food, especially cheese or fish, they both gang up on us. They’re hilarious together!”  

From foes to friends

With more training and support, their confidence continued to grow and so did their bond.   

“Pi has gotten used to Nera licking his face occasionally, and Nera has gotten used to Pi’s purring. We’re realizing that they are quite alike in many ways, so we hope they will continue to like each other even more,” continued their parent. “Thank you for all your guidance during this process. Having you help us with Pi and Nera has been, quite literally, life-changing!”   

So, can cats and dogs get along? With effective training, positive and rewarding introductions, and good management, many pets can live together peacefully.  

Need life-changing support?

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