Tucker the Pomeranian Mini Poodle Found His Forever Home

| September 23, 2022

Tucker received a lot of love on social media. His adorable face, wagging tail, and love for his hamburger toy pulled on the heartstrings of many animal lovers.  

But as soon as you look at Tucker, you can’t help but see the large mass on the right side of his chest area. It is diagnosed as a lipoma, which is a fatty tumor. But because of his age, and the size of the mass, it would be extremely challenging to remove it without complications. 

Tucker also has heart disease, so giving him anesthesia is risky. This also meant that our medical team could not give him any dental treatments that would require anesthetics. 

Through all this, Tucker remains the loving, cuddly pooch he has always been. He loves spending time with people, going for walks, and playing fetch.  

Our medical team gave him a physical examination, bloodwork, and a quality-of-life assessment. He wasn’t showing signs of pain or discomfort related to the mass or dental disease, so we did what we could to help Tucker to find a forever home – and he found it. 

“He is always at my feet while I work and when my daughter gets home from school he snuggles with her on the couch,” his pet parent shares. “Tucker loves getting up on the couch and I taught him to use a low-slung chair beside my bed as a way to go to bed.”

We went to Pawsability and Tucker was outfitted with his cool sling. He doesn’t wear it all the time, his lump doesn’t seem to bother him much. Tucker had an issue with his paw that necessitated a visit to our vet for antibiotics, cream for the paw and a cone. He hated the cone and was such a happy puppy when he didn’t have to wear it any longer. 

“Tucker is such a smart, sweet, happy boy. So far, he’s readily communicated to me when he needs to go out,” he continues. “We’ve developed a game where I will hide a treat in my hands and ask him, ‘Which paw?’ and he’ll hit my hand with his paw and get the treat. The funniest part is as soon as I sit down in front of him, he starts waving his paw. It’s so darn cute.”

When we visit Tucker’s Instagram, @tuckerthepommapoo, we can see that he  enjoys his new couch, keeps his pet parents company, and also brings them his toys when they come back home. What a sweet boy!

While it is tremendously rewarding to give a pet a forever home full of love and care, it takes a special someone to adopt a palliative care pet and we are so happy to share that Tucker found his special someone.