| May 12, 2022
Happy Tails

It’s been just over a week since Vincent (formerly Bobby) came home and he has wasted no time getting settled.

We put a lot of work into preparing a quiet safe room for him, but he didn’t want any part of it. As soon as we opened his crate, he came out with bold strides and started storming around the house. With every passing day, he gets more and more confident, and he has started talking to us a lot more. He has the gentlest, most inquisitive trill we’ve ever heard.

His energy level is off the hook. His appetite for play is relentless, and it seems like every time we turn a corner, he’s waiting on the other side to jump out and give you the old “ooga booga.”

His belly issues have gotten much better and we’ll begin transitioning him to a higher quality food in the next few weeks. Hopefully that helps clear everything up completely.

We’re so happy to share our home with this sweet and clumsy boy and we are grateful to Toronto Humane Society for taking care of him until it was our turn.

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