We are in Need of 200 Monthly Donors

| May 20, 2022

Animals Need Your Help Today

We rely heavily on the funds from our monthly donors as a steady stream of income to help us plan and budget how many animals we can care for. 

Did you know? The average cost of care for one animal in our shelter for a year is $2,500. The average cost to care for an animal in foster for a year is $1,500.  

If 200 new monthly donors joined us, even for just $20 a month, we would be able to increase our lifesaving budget by $48,000 a year and help many, more animals – animals like Mo. 

Mo’s Story

Mo was transferred into our care from a remote community with his mom. 

Although he was a 5-week-old puppy, he didn’t have puppy energy. He was quiet, his eyelids were inflamed, he had sores over his head and around his eyes. He was also missing fur between his toes and on his elbows. Mo was suffering from demodex mites and a heart murmur. Mo was in need of lifesaving help. 

Thanks to the support from our monthly donors, Mo received the treatment he needed when he needed it. 

After two months of treatments and his neuter surgery, and some quality time in a foster home, Mo started to get his puppy energy back and was adopted. 

Your impact makes a world of difference and allows us to keep helping more animals and the animal loving community. Become a monthly donor today.