Woman holding a cat.

Why Fostering is So Important

| October 1, 2021

Fostering saves lives and keeps families together

We support thousands of animals in need every year. Crucial to this success is our Foster Program.

It provides extra support and care for more vulnerable animals who often do better in a home environment, such as those with complex medical issues or behavioural challenges. It also helps keep families together by offering support to those experiencing temporary crisis which impacts their ability to care for their pet.

Larisa Nagelberg, Division Manager of Community Sheltering and Animal Transport, sat down with Lindsey Deluce  on CTV your morning to discuss all things foster!  She discusses why some animals need foster care; what people should expect when fostering for the first time; how prospective foster parents and families can get involved and where foster parents are most needed. Learn all about this and more from the full conversation here!