Wilbur Was Found with a Severely Swollen Eye – He Needs Your Help

| June 23, 2023

Wilbur was found abandoned in a park with a blind and severely swollen eye. Our veterinarians diagnosed glaucoma, which resulted in a sudden increase in eye pressure, followed by severe pain, redness, and loss of vision.

By this point, Wilbur’s eye served only as a source of agonizing pain. He was given medication, surgery preparations, and shortly after, his eye was removed. After suffering for so long, Wilbur is finally living pain free – for now.

Wilbur before his eye surgery
Wilbur relaxing outside after his eye surgery

To determine the cause of Wilbur’s glaucoma, our veterinarians consulted with a specialist. The results showed a congenital deformity that will eventually affect Wilbur’s other eye. If he does not receive further treatment, the pain he fought so hard to put behind him will likely return.

Wilbur’s life has improved significantly since surgery. With the pain behind him, he is catching up on being a puppy. But he needs your support if he is going to continue living a happy and healthy life.

Will you provide Wilbur the care he needs when he needs it? Give today for his tomorrow.