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5 Reasons Why Rats Make Great Pets

| March 11, 2022

Rats are affectionate, playful, and each have a unique personality. If you’re considering adopting a new fur friend into your family, here’s just a few reasons why rats make great pets. 

Smart and loyal companions

Rats are smart, easy to train and very empathetic. They can be taught to perform tricks, master puzzles, run through mazes and even solve simple problems. All they need is a dedicated trainer and a bit of motivation – they’re very food motivated, like most of us. 

Small pets with big personalities

These little critters have their own personalities that change from rat to rat. Some rats are outgoing, some are laid-back, and some only want to socialize. Part of the fun of owning a rat is getting to know your pet’s unique personality and seeing them grow as they become more comfortable with you. 

Less maintenance and cost of care

Rats don’t bark or need to go outside to do their business. They also do not require daily walks. As nocturnal animals, they typically spend 13 to 15 hours a day sleeping in their enclosure, but they will happily wake up for a bit of playtime with you. Domesticated rats make great pets for apartment dwellers or people who live busy lives but still love animals. 

Comparatively speaking, rats can be less expensive than other pets. Their food is not very expensive, and you can use all sorts of materials you already have at home to create their dens, toys, and jungle gyms yourself. They are also able to eat many of the foods we eat, such as certain meats, vegetables, grains, and fruits, which means you can feed them a little bit of your own cooking too. 

Squeaky clean, please!

You think cats are meticulously clean? Rats out-lick cats because they groom themselves more frequently and diligently than cats do. Rats of the same household will also clean each other – so cute! 

Full of love

You know how cats purr? Well rats brux! Bruxing is a noise rats make by tapping their teeth together and it’s a sign that they’re happy and comfortable in their environment. 

Many rat owners say the time they hear the most bruxing is when their pet gets to relax on their shoulder or in their arms. Rats bond to their owners very deeply and recognize their face, voice and will even try to groom their humans as they would another rat. 

Bring home a rat today

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