5 Reasons Why the Animals in Our Care Should be Your Valentine’s Date 

| January 27, 2023

Grocery stores are stocking up on chocolate and wine, florists are preparing their biggest and best bouquets, and dinner reservations from February 12th – 14th are filling up.  Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. 

Whether you’re in a relationship, still figuring things out, or happily single, we have the perfect Valentine’s date for you – the pets in our care! Here are 5 reasons why you should celebrate a love like no other by sending a Goodie Gram to the pets in our care this Valentine’s Day.  

They Provide Unconditional Love

Animals are unwavering and unreserved with their love for us – including the animals that are waiting to be adopted. Although some of them may be weary of strangers, many of them enjoy a nice belly rub, pat on the head, or kind words as you walk by their kennels. Their wagging tails and persistent purrs say it all!  

They’ll Appreciate the Gift

Whether you send them a Goodie Gram of their favourite treats, a Goodie Gram of their favourite toys, or both, you can be confident that your gifts will be gratefully appreciated by the pets in our care. Small acts like these can make all the difference while they wait to be adopted. 

You Can Have More Than One Valentine

Why settle for one date when you can share the love with plenty of deserving fur friends? Our “Bundles of Love” Goodie Gram sends treats and toys to multiple species – this means that you’ll have multiple Valentine’s Day dates! 

They’ll Show You Love in Return

Once you send a Goodie Gram, you’ll receive a hand-written letter and adorable Valentine’s Day themed photos of an animal that you helped feel extra loved. You’ll also receive a video compilation of the pets in our care enjoying their Goodie Gram treats and toys. It’s a gift that you can cherish forever.  

It’s More Than a Gift to Them– It’s a Reminder of Love

More than a favourite treat, new toy, or something to snuggle up with – sending a Goodie Gram is a simple way to support animals and share the special kind of love they bring. Although they don’t have their forever family yet, they can’t wait to share their unconditional love with their perfect match someday. Until then, your gift of love will remind them that they are truly loved by someone out there.