adopt a special species pet

The Perks of Adopting a Special Species Pet

| July 2, 2021

Here is a list of reasons why special species are great animals to adopt.

There are so many to choose from!

Hamsters, rabbits, and rats – oh my! Special species make up a large and diverse cast of characters! Gerbils, guinea pigs, birds, turtles, lizards, and many more! When you decide on a special species animal, you have a huge variety to choose from to best suit your lifestyle, needs, and routine.

They can be trained

You don’t need a dog to show the internet how good a trainer you are. Many special species animals are inquisitive, problem solvers, and are food motivated. With a little patience and lots of routine, they can learn tricks the same way dogs and cats do.

They are ecofriendly

For many special species pets, you can recycle cardboard boxes and toilet paper rolls for toys. Really want to go above and beyond? Use their droppings in your compost bins to help grow veggies for your bunnies!

They are in it for the long term

Some special species can live for a very long time. Parrots and tortoises can live up to and over 50 years. Rabbits can reach up to 12 years old if properly cared for. If somebody wants a long-term companion, a special species pet might be the answer!

They are unique companions

Many special species pets are extremely intelligent, social and affectionate. They form bonds with their caregivers like any other animal. Ask a rat owner about how smart and communicative their companion is. Or a rabbit owner about how much their furry friend loves to snuggle after a round of binkies. When you bring home a special species animal, you are bringing home a companion with a unique personality.

Toronto Humane Society stands for the humane treatment of all animals and does not condone treating pets with anything other than the full respect and care they need and deserve. 

Special species animals require the same quality of care as any other pet. They are not “starter animals” for new pet owners. If you plan on bringing home a special species animal, expect to care for them as you would a cat or a dog. Take a look at some of our adoptable special species here.