Why You Should Consider Adopting a Rabbit

| June 3, 2022

They have big personalities

Rabbits are often overlooked when it comes to their personalities. Many people are under the impression that they are solitary, outdoor animals that prefer to be alone. This simply is not the case! Rabbits are sweet, smart, and social, and can form deep connections with their humans. They enjoy (and require) social contact and daily interactions with their caregivers to live healthy and enriched lives.  

Rabbits also enjoy the company of other rabbits. They can be housed in same sex pairs, or with the opposite sex if they are spayed or neutered and have had proper introductions and get along.  

They are looking for long-term relationships

Despite what many people think, rabbits are like dogs when it comes to lifespan. Some can live up to 8 to 12 years. You and your rabbit will have ample time to bond and share experiences.  

They will tap into your childhood love of forts

Rabbits love having little forts and shelters to hide in. They also love sturdy platforms to perch on. Unlike the other special species animals, rabbits like having a room or large cage made from a dog exercise pen where they can hop and zoom around to their heart’s content!  

Their healthy diets will inspire you

Rabbits thrive on pellets, grass hay, leafy greens, veggies, and a small number of fruits. They also love carrots as special treats in between meals. Watching your little pal munch on veggies and carrots might inspire you to do the same.   

They will add structure to your day

Rabbits are active in the mornings and evenings and prefer to take things easy during the day. You’ll be up and at it with your rabbit in no time!  

They are fun to have around

Just search “funny rabbit” or “rabbit binky” on YouTube and you’ll see exactly what we mean. Rabbits are fascinating, active animals and are so much fun to play with.  You’ll have so much fun watching your new bunbun naw, hop, dig, groom, and explore everything they can.  

Rabbits are not “starter animals”

Although rabbits are smaller than your average dog and won’t need regular walks, they are not low maintenance “starter animals”. They require the same quality of daily care as any other pet. If you plan on bringing home a special species animal, expect to care for them as you would a cat or a dog.  

We Have Rabbits

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