Adorable Puppies Create Paw Print Masterpieces

| May 11, 2023

Toronto Humane Society launches Paws for Spring event where limited-edition paw art is available in recognition of donations

TORONTO, ON. – May 11, 2023 – Did you know that puppies could paint? To celebrate spring and the mark of their first tiny steps in their new beginnings, three puppies at Toronto Humane Society created paw paintings.

“Our Paws for Spring campaign features 60 limited-edition pieces of art by three of our artist residents; Samba, Cinnamon Toast, and Fruit Loops. You can enjoy these beautiful works of art while supporting a great cause! Every gift sold is a donation that supports the pets in our care and our community support programs,” explains Greg Ratelle, Senior Development Officer, Annual Fund at Toronto Humane Society.

Each artist has their own “style” of painting. Cinnamon Toast works in the academic tradition of landscapists such as Casper David Friedrich or Claude Lorrain. Taking his cue from minimalist figures from Frank Stella to contemporaries like Yayoi Kusama, Fruit Loop’s work is abstract but not pretentious. He draws inspiration from his name and expresses himself with bright, vibrant colours. Finally, Samba’s work has been described as “bold,” “raw”, and “refreshingly uncontained”. These uniquely adorable works-of-art are made on high quality stock paper and come with the name of the puppy, their backstory, and a certificate of authentication. The paint used in these works of art is pet-friendly and veterinarian approved!

When you visit Toronto Humane Society’s Paws for Spring site you can choose from a selection of art bundles, digital art, or share a gift with animals in need! From gourmet dog biscuits, handmade cat toys, to all-natural rabbit treats, the store will share your gift to make life that much sweeter for a furry friend at Toronto Humane Society!

Information about the Paws for Spring campaign is available here.
Digital media assets, including a behind-the-scenes clip, is available for use here.

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