Be Part of a Journey 135 years in the Making

| February 19, 2022

Toronto Humane was born on this day 135 years ago

We celebrate by looking back, and by looking forward at what’s to come 

It all started with a $2 dollar donation. 

Sent anonymously in support of a local horse that had been worked to the point of exhaustion, the donation sparked a broader conversation surrounding the inhumane treatment of the city’s “work animals”. Donations continued until $74 dollars was raised.

This charitable act would go on to inspire the launch, on February 19, 1887, of the Humane and Children’s Aid Movement in Ontario. The name would soon change to “Toronto Humane Society” to reflect its broader mission in becoming a leading voice for the development of the humane spirit in all affairs of life. 

From those first days in 1887 to now, we have committed ourselves to making the world a better place for animals and their caregivers. By leading our industry through best-practices in all forms of care, we aim to not just react to vulnerability and suffering, but to influence and, eventually, eliminate the root causes of it.  

A journey like no other

We celebrate our 135th by looking back at a history of perseverance, excellence in care, and an unquestioning devotion to a more humane society. But we also look forward to the challenges ahead.  

Every year, more than 40,000 animals are relinquished by their owners or found as strays in Ontario. And when considering the growing costs of veterinary care which has left almost half of the population without an ongoing relationship with a veterinarian, these numbers will only get worse. Animals and their caregivers will continue looking for support.  

Toronto Humane Society has been a large part this support. Last year, for example, we found homes for over 1,500 animals and provided temporary shelter for that same number. We supported over 3,000 pet parents through our Pet Parent Support Network, supplied over 42,000 pounds of pet food, and provided over $400,000 worth of subsidized and free veterinary care to families in need. 

But we need to do more

Toronto Humane Society does more by being more. More than an animal shelter, we are also an educational resource and community support system. An industry-leading clinic and training center. We are a rescue team and a voice for more humane legislation in Ontario and across Canada.  

Ambitiously proactive and community-focused, we are committed to strengthening the human-animal bond, empowering pet owners, and improving the lives of animals everywhere.  

Join us in setting the tone for another 135 years of public service, education, and industry leading care. Join us in supporting communities and keeping pets with their families. Join us as we confront tomorrow’s challenges head-on and make the world a better place. For everyone.  

Join us on a journey like no other.