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So Many Animals Are Counting On You

| October 1, 2021

Humane Champion

Our monthly program helps animals who need it most.

The Humane Champion Program gives you the chance to have a direct impact on the lives of animals in need. Through monthly donations, your generosity helps fund life-saving medical, rehabilitative, and behavioural care.

When you sign up to become a Humane Champion, you become a part of an animal’s journey. From start to finish, your support will ensure they get what they need to live happy, healthy lives with a loving family.

The costs of care

Every animal is worth saving, sheltering, and rehoming. But to be there for them when they need us most, we need to have the resources to provide them with everything they need. The costs of these resources add up.

Last year, for example, we saw a spike in emergency cases that required $100,000 in care.

This year, we saw that number go up.

At the end of May, we had 310 animals in our care who needed our help, and throughout the summer months, we had more animals coming in. By the end of July, we had an additional 500 animals arrive into our care.

Each one of these animals was given everything they needed: food, shelter, emergency medical care and long-term treatment. As you can imagine, the costs were considerable. In total, the amount we spent on primary medical and shelter care this summer was more than $1.2 million.

Be a champion for animals in need

Become a part of an animal’s life by signing up as a Humane Champion. Your generosity will go towards high quality medical care, daily food and shelter, and a place to call home.