dog recall

How To Call Your Dog Back To You

| August 6, 2021

If, for whatever reason, your dog gets out of the house or his leash slips out of your hands, you are suddenly competing with a whole new world of distractions. It’s a world with other dogs, wild animals, new smells, and every kind of object. And, no offense, all are way more interesting than the treats in your hand.

From the local park to the trail up north, “recall”—a technique in which your dog comes back to you despite other distractions—is important for your dog’s safety and the safety of others.

Here are some tips to help get you started:

  • Every single time you call your dog, they should be rewarded. Whether it’s pets, treats, or toys, it should always be awesome coming back to you. No matter what!
  • Call them ONCE. Do not repeat yourself or get angry if they don’t come the first time. No animal wants to come running when mom or dad are using their angry voice!
  • When teaching recall, your dog should be on leash, or in a designated off leash area.

Recall isn’t about showing your dog a handful of biscuits. It’s about past experiences and positive associations. If we teach our dog that something awesome happens every time they come running to their name, it becomes a very rewarding experience. Like us, dogs repeat behaviours that are rewarded and reinforced.

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