Celebrate International Dog Day by Helping 7 Long Stay Dogs Find their Forever Homes

| August 25, 2023

While we joyfully celebrate the unwavering love and companionship our furry friends bring into our lives daily, International Dog Day takes this celebration to a whole new level. On this special day, pet parents around the world go above and beyond to shower their precious pups with treats, toys, extra walks, and all the little things that make tails wag with delight. 

But amidst the festivities and pampering, let’s not forget about the dogs who are still waiting for their forever families. Those who long for a loving lap to curl up on, a friendly hand to scratch behind their ears, and a place to call home. For them, International Dog Day is a reminder that there’s a gap between the love they give and the love they receive. 

This International Dog Day let’s extend our celebration beyond our own four-legged companions by shining a spotlight on dogs that haven’t found their forever homes yet. They deserve the same joy, comfort, and happiness that our pets experience every day. 

Below are the names, photos, and descriptions of 7 of Toronto Humane Society’s long stay dogs. If you’re ready to open your heart and home to a deserving dog, please consider adopting one of these canine pals. If you’re not able to adopt right now, you can join the conversation and share this article to help these loveable dogs find their forever homes. 

Meet Goldie, a lover a swimming, sunbathing, and snuggles. This golden gal has great house manners, loves being outside, and can swim like a fish. When she’s not outside, she is cuddled up on the couch with one of favourite toys, Mr. Moose. With training support, Goldie has learned to overcome her stranger danger fear and is now working on how to greet other dogs while on her walks. She would thrive in a forever home with a family that is willing to continue her training and provide her with endless cuddles. 

Meet Juniper aka Juni! Juniper tested positive for heartworm when she first arrived at Toronto Humane Society, but we’re delighted to share that she is now heartworm free and ready to embark on her next life journey! Juniper loves people and going on walks – she is still learning some leash manners, but a tasty treat is all it takes to capture her attention. Juniper would thrive with a family that could give her a steady routine, treats, and love. Her million-dollar smile has captured the hearts of many staff and volunteers at Toronto Humane Society – we know that her perfect forever home is out there! 

Happy Hades is one of the friendliest dogs around! He is extroverted, charismatic, and enjoys being the life of the party – but most importantly, he is an excellent learner and loves being around his people.  Some of Hades’ favourite things in the world include playing agility and brain games, going for walks, and cuddling. Hades would love a forever home with a canine pal and a family that can help him to feel comfortable around strangers and men. He’s already made huge improvements and is well loved by other dogs and humans at Toronto Humane Society.  

Ladybird is an adventure enthusiast with great leash skills. She loves adventures so much that staying homecanbe hard – but she’s working on her independence with a bit of positive reinforcement training. Ladybird would thrive in a forever home with an active family that enjoys camping, hiking, and going for long walks. 

Blaze came to Toronto Humane Society as a stray. He was very nervous, but he found comfort in training. He learned touch and paw cues, and with a bit of patience, love, and treats, Blaze’s true personality started to shine through. He has excellent leash skills and he’s happiest on his walks when he gets to follow his nose and sniff around. Embrace Blaze’s unique journey and you’ll discover a loyal and loving companion who thrives on understanding and kindness. 

With a big personality and an even bigger heart, Bailey could be your new best friend. This handsome boy has great house manners, can be independent, and knows how to play with other dogs like a true gentleman. While he’s working towards being the best boy he can be, he’s still getting over the hurdle of being comfortable in new environments. The best way to help Bailey is to be patient with him and help pair positive experiences, such as giving him his favourite treats, with being in new environments. 

Hazel is a super friendly and gentle dog that loves to cuddle, play fetch, and is the happiest when she’s around people. She can get nervous in unfamiliar, loud environments, and around other dogs, but with patience and a bit of training she is gaining her confidence. She loves liver treats and is super eager to please when train and new learn things if the treat is right. Unfortunately, Hazel cannot be rehomed in Ontario due to Breed Specific Legislation. If you know someone out of the province can be give this sweet girl a loving home, please email adoption@torontohumanesociety.com  

If you, or someone you know, is interested in giving these deserving dogs a forever home, please visit us at 11 River Street to speak to an adoption agent or email adoption@torontohumanesociety.com with the subject “I’d like to Adopt Insert Dog’s Name)”.