Bridging the Gap: Provide Access to Veterinary Care to Animals in Need as a Community Partner  

| March 1, 2024

In the vibrant and diverse city of Toronto, a critical challenge impacts the lives of countless animals and their families each day – the challenge of accessing essential care. The consequences of this challenge often result in unnecessary loss of life and the heart-wrenching surrender of beloved pets. Recognizing this issue’s urgency, Toronto Humane Society has emerged as a beacon of hope, striving to create a world where every animal and family can access the care they need. 

We exist not only to provide shelter and care for animals but to bridge the gap between vulnerable pets and the care they require. We’re on a quest to create a world where human-animal bonds remain unbroken, even in the face of financial challenges. One key to achieving this vision lies in providing accessible veterinary services to those in need. 

A Glimpse at Our Public Veterinary Services Impact

In 2023 alone, Toronto Humane Society’s Public Veterinary Services contributed over $1.2 million in below-market-rate services. These services played a crucial role in ensuring that pets received the care they required, preventing unnecessary suffering and loss. The impact of these services can be best understood through the stories of three families and their beloved pets. 

“They helped me immensely with a discounted neuter for my cats that we would have had to rehome if we couldn’t get the surgery done. The economy and life changes hit us really hard, so Toronto Humane Society was such a saving grace for us. They were very friendly, replies came very fast through email for any questions, and they even added complimentary microchipping for our cats as I was struggling to figure out if I had enough to cover that expense. My kids are so happy that we can keep our kitties and Toronto Humane Society is just amazing.” 

 – Monika WR 

“I am on ODSP and without your affordable services I wouldn’t be able to have the cats that keep me emotionally stabilized, and who are my best friends. They make my life worth living, and without your help, I couldn’t have them with me at all without undue smell and noise from the consequences of unaltered cats. You have made all our lives better! Thanks for treating my babies so well.”  

– Heather T 

“I was anxious and worried before I arrived for Freya to be spayed. Well, that was completely unnecessary as they treated her and I so amazingly that all my fears were unfounded. I’m so grateful. As someone of low income, the discount was a blessing. Also, your Pet Food Bank programs are outstanding and so, so needed. Thanks so much for making the process an excellent experience.”  

– Lisa T 

Become a Community Partner

Collective action is the key to breaking the cycle of vulnerability that many families and pets find themselves in. You can be a part of this transformative change by becoming a Community Partner. Your monthly support can make a significant impact on the lives of animals and families. 

As a Community Partner, your donation will be exclusively directed towards the Public Veterinary Services of Toronto Humane Society. This means your contribution will directly aid other families and their pets, breaking the cycle of vulnerability and fostering a community where no family has to face the heartbreaking choice of surrendering their beloved companion due to financial constraints. 

Together, we can make a difference and build a more compassionate community in our beautiful city.