Congratulations to Greg Ratelle on his CAWA Certification

| November 3, 2023

In a step towards improving our community, Greg Ratelle, Senior Development Officer, Annual Fund, has recently earned his Certified Animal Welfare Administrator (CAWA) certification through The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement. Currently, there are only six individuals in Canada that possess a CAWA Certificate, two of which are employees at Toronto Humane Society. Greg Ratelle joins our already certified interim CEO, Phil Nichols. This remarkable feat demonstrates not only Greg’s dedication to maintaining high standards, but also his commitment to learning and applying his skills at Toronto Humane Society. 

Jim Tedford, The CEO of The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement noted, “Certified Animal Welfare Administrators have demonstrated that they hold specialized qualifications and a commitment to high standards and ethical practices in our industry. We respect their dedication to their own professional development and their pursuit of leadership excellence.” 

What Does it Mean to be CAWA Certified?

The CAWA certification is one of the most respected and unique credentials in the animal welfare industry, signifying a high level of excellence and a deep commitment to the welfare of pets. In addition to meeting strict eligibility requirements for leadership and management in the animal welfare sector, individuals must pass a rigorous exam to earn their certification. Greg’s accomplishment is not only a personal milestone, but also a positive development for our organization as a whole. 

Building Trust and Credibility

In the non-profit sector, trust and credibility are critical. Greg’s CAWA certification serves as a testament to his credibility and expertise in the field as it shows that he is continuing to pursue and achieve growth, excellence, and professional development. As the Senior Development Officer, Annual Fund at Toronto Humane Society, it reinforces the trust that our stakeholders, partners, and the community have in our ability to deliver on our promises and commitments. 

This achievement started its journey when Greg joined our team as an adoption agent and followed him as he took on new and varying roles across the organization. His growth serves as an inspiration to all of us and underscores the importance of striving for excellence within our respective roles. We congratulate Greg on this remarkable achievement and look forward to seeing the positive impact of his CAWA certification in our mission to Improve the Lives of Animals!