Dr. Jacklyn Ellis Shares Cat Bonding Tips on “Conan Needs a Friend”

| April 28, 2023

Conan O’Brien, television host, comedian, writer and pet dad to two cats, featured Dr. Jacklyn Ellis, Director of Behaviour at Toronto Humane Society, on his podcast “Conan Needs a Friend.” On this special episode titled ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, Dr. Ellis discussed how our dedicated staff train animals to become great pets and provided tips on strengthening the human-animal bond. 

For cat pet parents looking to deepen their bond with their furry companions, Dr. Ellis’ tips and strategies are a must-listen. In clip below, she discusses effective tactics such as the “slow blink” approach to build a stronger connection with your feline friend.  

To listen to the full podcast where Dr. Ellis also talks abbot turtles, monkeys, and more – please click here. 

Looking For More Cat Advice?

While resources for dog training tips are plentiful, finding advice on cat behaviour can be more challenging. One of the reasons Dr. Ellis was invited to the show was to raise awareness of the programs and resources Toronto Humane Society offers to strengthen the bond with your cat. Whether you’re seeking advice on cat behaviour or training in general, you can book a behaviour consultation to speak to an expert.