Giving a Senior Cat Her Dream Forever Home

| January 20, 2023

There is a lot of joy in bringing home a kitten, but giving a senior cat a loving forever home where they can spend their golden years brings an overwhelming feeling of happiness. Senior animals often have a harder time adjusting to shelter life or foster homes – and they also tend to have the longest waiting period before getting adopted. 

While adopting an older cat may mean that they have a medical history, you know exactly who you’re bringing home and they know exactly who they are. Unafraid to be uniquely them, seniors make great companions.  

Seniors like Minuit, a 15-year-old brindle cat, who was brought to our care hoping to find her forever home. Common in senior cats, Minuit was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. She also received much-needed dental work while in our care.  

She was affectionate and playful during her stay with us but  did not like to be smothered in love. She accepted pets, brushings, playtime, and one-to-one talks on her own terms. With a little love and patience, Minuit would begin to warm up to new people and become an inseparable companion. 

She spent her days looking out the window and watching the world go by, chasing a laser pointer, and drinking from her favourite water foundation. She needed a quiet forever home with pet parents who would keep her mentally stimulated and care for her medical needs – and she found her perfect match. 

After waiting for 6 months for her forever home, Minuit was adopted by a loving couple. 

“Minuit seems to be doing great, she was very interested and active for the first few minutes in her sanctuary when she first arrived. After a quick investigation of the room and me – she gave me a rub on my legs, which was a great memory – and then she found a spot she felt was safe and rested for an hour or so until we gave her some dinner, which she came out and ate immediately,” they share in an update. 

“We both want to say what an honour it is to be taking care of Minuit. I knew she was special the moment we saw her.”

Minuit in her forever home.

Giving a senior pet a loving home where they can spend their golden years with a lot more cuddles, pets, and lounge time is extremely rewarding.  If you’re looking to adopt a pet, please consider adopting one of our senior sweethearts. You can view animals looking for their forever homes here