Happy Hades is Looking for his Forever Home – Can it Be Yours?

| August 18, 2023

Don’t be fooled by his name, Hades is one of the friendliest dogs around! He is extroverted, charismatic, and enjoys being the life of the party – but most importantly, he is an excellent learner and loves being around his people. 

Some of Hades’ favourite things in the world include playing agility and brain games, going for walks, and chomping on water being sprayed out of a house – it tastes way better this way in his opinion! 

But his most favourite thing to do is cuddle. Yes, it’s true – Hades is a big softie. He enjoys being with his people and he takes that term quite literally. He wants to be with you, on you, lean on you – whatever it takes to be the closest to you.  

Hades’ perfect family would be able to give him couch cuddles, pets throughout the day, and continue to teach him some tricks – he already knows a bunch! He’d also be super happy to find a forever home with another medium sized dog. He is a gentleman when it comes to meeting and greeting other dogs while on his walks and has ben learning how to play respectfully by being an active participant in our doggy playgroups. Although he gets excited when meeting dogs during his walks, he can be a great loose leash walker and his attention can easily be redirected with a treat – Hades loves, loves, loves treats. 

As a lifetime learner, Hades is still learning a few things and would appreciate if his forever family could guide him on his journey by continuing to train with him. When Hades first arrived at Toronto Humane Society in September 2022, he was very nervous around strangers and men. He’s already made huge improvements! His trainer commented that he was perfect during his last meet and greet.  

Although Hades is making big strides in his training, he has been overlooked for adoption because he can look a bit scary to those who don’t know him. But it doesn’t take long for to become Hades’ friend – all he needs is a few seconds, a dog biscuit, and a friendly “hello” and Hades is interested.   

During his time with us, he’s made wonderful connections with humans and dogs. Krystal, an Animal Care Worker at Toronto Humane Society, comments; “Hades is a great boy, loves to cuddle, and drink from the hose showing off his pearly white teeth. He’s a great companion.” 

Hades is an amazing dog, and we know that there is an equally amazing family out there that will help him to become the best version of himself with a little patience, love, and encouragement. 

Look at those pearly whites!
I know tons of tricks, like "paw".
More treats, please!
I am the king of the playground! Just kidding, I can share.
Upside-down selfie time!
Hanging out with my good friend, Bailey
Selfie with Krystal
So fresh and so clean.

Just look at this handsome, happy face! If you, or someone you know, is interested in making Hades the happiest boy ever by giving him the attention, love, and forever home he deserves, visit us at 11 River Street to start the adoption process.