Dim Sum

| June 24, 2022
Happy Tails

I am so proud of my girl Dim Sum; she is so patient with me.

She has her own vet at Cabbagetown Veterinary Clinic, and they said she was very healthy and well mannered considering they were giving her rabies shot, etc.

She brightens up my life.  Dim Sum and I have our routine down pretty good. I like to make weekends more fun for her because during I work during the week.

Thankfully, I have a nice apartment for Dim Sum and I.  We also live pretty close to a big dog park.  I make sure she has a nice walk every morning before I go to work and tons of treats too!

As soon as I get home, she has dinner.  We enjoying throwing or chucking the football we got from Toronto Humane Society. It is awesome for chew toy!

We go for walks from 1 – 2 hours, depending on weather.  On weekends we go 3 – 4 times a day for walks!

When I am at work I open windows so she has lots of sunlight and fresh air. We live in the downtown core so there is never a dull moment for her to people watch.

Dim Sum is my first animal I have ever been responsible for on my own.  I am grateful I can be here for her, and I want her precious little life to be happy and healthy all the time.

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