Happy Tails - Laszlo and Nadja

Laszlo & Nadja

| October 5, 2023
Happy Tails

This is Laszlo (formerly Trix) and Nadja (formerly Chex). It’s been 1.5 weeks since we adopted them from Toronto Humane Society.

They are full of life and so curious, every day is awesome with our new fur babies! It’s been a great learning experience for all of us, but we are so pleasantly surprised to see their continued and quick progress.

Laszlo is learning to play, on his own, with Nadja, and also with us. He loves rubber toy mice without the squeaker, balls with bells, and plastic toy springs! He’s absolutely obsessed until he is exhausted. He listens to us very carefully and is very smart. He is sweet and likes to sit on his dad’s lap, he melts in your arms when you hold him and is also very much a house panther! Lots of zoomies!

Nadja is vocal and always excited to see us! She loves her daily 6pm, one-on-one playtime chasing a ribbon with her dad. She really enjoys a good brushing and shows us her belly when she gets scratches on her neck and chest. She is super smart and understood an “intermediate” level enrichment toy on the first try. She also likes to nap in between her mom’s legs at night.

We love our Laszlo & Nadja so much! Thank you so much to Victoria for her attention to detail and for the coaching she gave us to help provide these beautiful cats with a happy new home. As well as the Behaviour Specialist, for suggesting we take these two together. We can’t picture them without each other.

Thank you to the entire organization, your staff, your volunteers, and to everyone who helped us choose our perfect fur babies. Thank You!

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